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50 Themes

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Welcome to 50_themes, based on communities such as beat_of_destiny, 55themes and 101_kisses.


1. No bashing characters, series, or authors. I can't stand people who refuse to read or criticize a fic or art just because they don't like the character or couple. Any member will be banned for good if I ever see anyone doing it or get any complaints about it.

2. No flaming other members for any reason whatsoever! If it happens then you'll be banned for good just like if you bash.

3. If you want to be affiliated or want to advertise a community or poll, please post something like a fanfic or fanart with it. I don't want people to just advertise randomly.

4. Please don't post stuff that has nothing to do with the themes or just complete crap from out of nowhere. Members do get annoyed when people do that because then all you can see is introduction posts and posts about something that has nothing to do with the community.

5. There are no deadlines in this community, but please do post somewhat often.

6. There is no limit to how many people can claim one couple, and you may have as many as you'd like. Though I advise you don't get too many at once or you'll be overwhelmed.

7. Please place all works under LJ-CUT

8. I'd like it if people completed all 50 themes for each couple.

9. You can post icons, banners, fanfics, and fanarts.

10. Have fun, be creative, don't feel pressured to finish, and don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.


To claim just Click Here.

You can claim couples, friendships, or characters. You can claim from any of them and if you say claim a couple you can also claim a character too.

Couples- typical couple like yaoi, yuri, het, or general. You can do lemons, or just make fluff as long as it had to do with them being together or getting together. A couple can be more than just two people.

Friendships- if you want to characters to be just friends and nothing further. For friendships, I would like them not to have them do anything more than just friends things. (Unless something happened in the past and now they're just friends.) And you can have more than two people being friends.

Characters- this is if you like writing just about one character only. There can be other characters, but the main character has to be the one you write about.

50 Themes

To see what all 50 themes are click Here


If you have any questions on themes, claiming, or anything else- Click Here


24hour_themes This is a brand-new community with themes based on the 24-hour clock. Each hour represents its own symbology and associations and provide unique ideas for writers to explore.

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